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Why Should You Choose Civic Media?

Local media fosters a closer relationship with its audience, making people more likely to trust and listen to its message. Carefully planned billboard advertising makes your business a part of the local community – you can talk to your audience in their own environments and instantly spread your brand awareness.

Potential customers and clients are much more attentive when they are on the move, heading to work or going home in the afternoon. Billboard advertising is low cost and high yield, building immediate brand awareness in areas you never before knew you could reach.

Promote your School, Organisation or Services

Take advantage of the extensive connection of advertising boards we’ve placed around Australia by launching a guide campaign with Civic Media.

Schools can benefit from our package deals, including digital boards, a static board and civic guides.

advertising local community billboards civic guides

We Can Help You Grow Your Business

Target Residents and Visitors in Local Communities

It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to be heard and talk to their target audience directly because there is an overload of information across multiple media platforms. Civic Guides create communication channels between local businesses and their audience where they are needed – in local communities.

Connect with Your Online and Offline Presence

Of course, online advertisement is crucial for businesses of any size. However, using advertising boards will place you where your audience is without having to fight for their online attention. Stay relevant to the public with outdoor media.

Minimise Your Wasted Advertising

Civic Media uses a passive form of advertisement because our audiences come to us, meaning they are already receptive and open to messages instead of having media thrust upon them. Hold your message high and let your audience come to you.

Cost-Effective Investment

We understand small business because we are a small business. We know that every dollar you invest is to support and grow your brand, so our solutions are incredibly cost-effective, accessible and available to a wide range of businesses.

Support Local Communities

If you’re interested in growing your business with Civic Media, speak to our sales team by calling us or contacting us online. Our sales team are real people who visit local areas and spend time within your target communities, meaning we can help you truly connect with your audience. Call now!
advertising local community billboards civic guides

We love small businesses, and we love watching them grow.

Turn your local business in to a success story.