What Are Civic Guides?

In 1954, the first eye-level advertising boards were set up in Sydney and Melbourne, directing pedestrians and traffic to the best places to eat or find services. These signs were the go-to source of local information for tourists and residents alike. Today, there is a network of Civic Guides across Australia that connects communities and shares useful resources.

Civic Media has an expansive outreach with Civic Guides located in approximately 500 towns, cities and suburbs, covering metro and regional Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania as well as regional areas in New South Wales and Queensland.

Cedric Will Show You the Way!

Our mascot, Cedric, is the smiling icon for directing online and offline traffic. All our guides have been carefully placed in high-traffic areas that target pedestrians and motorists on their daily commutes. Your message has the greatest chance of being seen when you use our outdoor advertising.

Now, more than ever, tourists and visitors can explore Australia through Cedric’s direction. He points out where to shop and where to eat, how to find necessary services and points of interest.

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Available Guides across Australia

Depending on where you would like to target your message, Civic Media can direct your desired audience to you. Speak to our hardworking sales team about setting up perfectly planned billboard media in your local community. There are many affordable Civic Guides available right now that your business could be taking advantage of.

Tell your audience “where to go, and how to get there” with Cedric and Civic Media. Call today or contact us online to set up your outdoor advertising in Australia.