Civic Media Billboards

Constant Exposure

Most people make repeat journeys every week and will get repeated reinforcement of your Billboard’s unmissable message.

Strategic Locations

Civic Guides Media can arrange a multiple board setup in the best locations to maximise your brand’s exposure to the right audience.

Multiple Sizes

Civic Media Billboards range in size from the convenient Landmark size (6.3 x 3.3m) to an impressive Spectacular size (19 x 4.6m)

Digital Billboards

Digital format boards provide a flexible, dynamic, shared space for businesses to advertise. Using bright backlit LEDs, digital boards are illuminated all day, creating maximum visual impact. These boards are most effective for time sensitive messaging, and offer a fantastic, cost effective way to target a wide audience.

Classic Billboards

The classic or static format boards are considered traditional outdoor advertising. Printed using high quality PVC, classic banners are a great option for bold, impactful creative designs. With a classic board, you are ensured a full 28 days of impact, perfect for building brand awareness and dominance. This is a great value for someone looking for 100% audience attention and non-stop exposure.

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