We are Civic Media

A locally owned and operated outdoor advertising agency in Melbourne, operating across Australia.

Civic Guides Media provides advertisers a cost-effective and targeted media placement solution for engaging and interacting with local communities.

As a high impact medium Civic Guides Media can launch brands, promote sales, build awareness, encourage engagement, create local conversations and deliver desired proximity and maximum share of local voice.

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Some Success Stories

Why Work with Us

Since we commenced business in 1965, we have remained an Australian owned and managed outdoor advertising company.

The key to our success has been that we offer exceptional coverage across Australia’s Metropolitan and Regional towns in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, ACT and Northern Territory. Whether you are a large corporation or a sole trader, we deliver unique advertising solutions based on your specific requirements.

Constant Exposure

Your target audience has your message right there in front of them. Most people make repeat journeys every week and get repeated reinforcement of your message. Civic Guides Media allows you to advertise your product, brand or services when people are out there buying.

advertising local community billboards civic guides
advertising local community billboards civic guides

Digital Billboards

Civic Media is your quick and affordable, go-to company for digital billboards in Melbourne. Simply get in touch with one of our sales consultants, or send us a message through the website. We’ll help you choose an available location that will maximise the exposure your business gets. It’s never been easier to get artwork from your computer to the roadside. Get in touch today to book!

Get Local

With a network of over 1000 sites all across Australia, Civic Guides Media allows you to speak to your consumers through an authentic and trusted community medium. We have a 50 year history in providing a platform for businesses to build their local brand. So get outdoors in your local community where your message cannot be turned off, blocked or muted.

advertising local community billboards civic guides
advertising local community billboards civic guides

We love small businesses, and we love watching them grow.

Turn your local business in to a success story.